Visiting the South Coast

Visitors to the South Coast often leave pleasantly surprised by the wealth and diversity of nightlife that they find, and there is certainly no end of fresh experiences to enjoy and get involved in. Portsmouth is a great example of this – although only a small city in comparison to some, Portsmouth retains a well-earned reputation as a vibrant, living environment, with live music every night of the week as well as elegant upscale bars overlooking a beautiful seafront.

Add this to renowned local clubs like Liquid & Envy, The Astoria and Tiger Tiger, and you have the right formula for a top night on the town, with excellent rated new music and dance floors that are well known to clubbers and night-goers of all music and dance preferences.

Likewise, Southampton remains one of the top destinations anywhere in the South West. A strong cosmopolitan pub and club scene, including award winning venues like the Oceania club, exists, as well as a vibrant and extensive non-club environment which includes lounges, bars and music venues such as the 02 Guildhall Southampton, which premiers top music acts on a regular basis.

Easily one of the top 10 destinations in the UK to enjoy a fun and entertaining evening, Southampton, like other cities across the South Coast, is definitely worth a visit, and for locals a trip out cannot fail to impress. If you are unsure of where to go or what to do, Prestige Companions is a high class agency that specialises in introducing fun, outgoing and attractive companions throughout the South Coast.

If you feel like heading out into the night but have no one to go with, why not call us and arrange for one of our companions to show you around? The right date can literally transform your evening, making the most out of what the South Coast has to offer, and providing charming and engaging company that you’re sure to enjoy.

Prestige Companions is available 24 hours a day to book for appointments, and can provide enthusiastic and knowledgeable companions to accompany you wherever you are thinking of going, making your night out one will stay in the memory for years to come.

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